• The Company

    Avida Sportswear is a Limited Company, specializing in dye sublimated sportswear, located in Hong Kong where it owns, operates and manages its own manufacturing facilities.

    The facilities currently do not perform OEM services and purely manufacture the Avida and Avida related brands.

    The Company repositioned itself from a Consulting/Outsourcing Company into a Sportswear Company specializing in dye sublimated products in 2007.

    Avida Sportswear provides their products to end-users worldwide.

  • Mission Statement

    Avida Sportswear manufactures highly customizable performance sportswear. Unique sportswear made from quality innovative materials by people passionate about sports.

  • Business Philosophy

    Lessons learned from "the Kodak way" and management missteps from Creo resulted in the formation of Avida's Business Philosophy:

    Avida will produce products responsibly:
    • We will strive to minimize waste in the process and behave ecologically responsible by recycling or repurposing. As a result we do not use plastic bags or hang tags with our products; the quality and feel of our product stands for itself.
    • We will be responsible for providing a fair and just wage or compensation for the partners who produce our products. Efficiency of production and minimizing sales layers or "middle-men" will help us to provide fair pricing rather than engaging in unfair or unscrupulous business practices.
    Avida will assist Customers:
    • Although we have online automated builders for our products, we believe personal interaction is important in achieving a product that ultimately meets customer satisfaction. Interaction could be the difference between being resigned to receiving a substandard product and what you may really want.
    • When problems arise, we offer solutions and options rather than assigning blame.
    Avida will continue to be Dynamic:
    • Innovation and the creation of new products will help us to maintain business relationships and lead us to sustained growth.
    • We will not use our past successes as excuses to justify mistakes made in the present or in the future. It is only with the understanding and learning from our mistakes and the feedback of the customer where we have the opportunity to change and improve.

  • Company History

    Of all the unlikely places in the world to start playing hockey, it was in Hong Kong and a subsequent search for a hockey jersey in 2007 that started it all. Almost anything imaginable was available across the border in China – except for hockey jerseys. As others would already know, there was no one offering a reliable supply or anything of quality.

    2 months of "handholding" with a manufacturer and we had the very first sublimated jersey. Orders were filled with one team, then another, and so on… The success was humbling and from it grew a genuine sense of satisfaction and pride – to create something that people liked or even in some cases loved.
    WIHO Jersey

    The First Avida Jersey

    The person behind Avida Sportswear is a lifelong ice hockey fan with roots from Vancouver, BC, Canada: Henry Tong. Trained in the printing industry since his formative years in high school, he relocated to Hong Kong in 1999 in search of "Stock Options" riches with local Vancouver hi-tech printing giant Creo Products. During his time with Creo, he witnessed the growth of the Chinese manufacturing giant south of the border and understood the benefits and the pitfalls of dealing with these companies. After all, he was a Product Specialist who interacted with these factories and advised them on implementing new printing technologies and how to provide quality printing for the Western market.

    Fast forward 9 years later and graphic arts giant (maybe no longer) Kodak purchases Creo which resulted in the beginning of the end. Cash in hand from a severance package, the excitement of change and the momentum from a hobby turned business and Avida Sportswear was born.

    Avida's original goal was never to manufacture products, only innovate, create and distribute our products worldwide. The manufacturing was left to the experts in China who understood the product and the process. The supply chain and the business relationship with these factories were a non-factor as we had lots of experience from the days at Creo. Unfortunately that dream was short lived as our expectations and what was being delivered was growing further and further apart.

    Manufacturing in Hong Kong started soon thereafter as reliable delivery and quality (which met "Western expectations") could only be attained if we handled it ourselves. It is something we still absolutely believe in to this day. Creating a worthwhile product and the ability to innovate was far more important to Avida than the "Almighty Dollar". Years of experience in the printing field, colour management and being the premier printing technologist in Asia Pacific allows Avida to produce short run printed products consistently and at the highest possible quality.