• Some Interesting Questions and Answers

    In this section are common questions that are asked when I try to close a sale. This is just some interesting and maybe nice to know information.

    Avida's products are made in Hong Kong, which is part of China. There has been a lot of bad press about substandard and dangerous products being produced in China under slave like conditions. How do I know this is not the same for Avida?

    Yes, Hong Kong is in China but it is run as a Special Administrative Region. This is important to note because it is governed under Basic British Law (although that is slowly changing). This results in certainty and reliability in exporting products and standards for wage and working conditions. Hong Kong, being a former manufacturing hub, still has a lot of infrastructure for various items (ie. snaps, buttons, cord, Velcro, etc.) and raw material supply helpful in creating custom garments. The sheer availability of a range of items makes it difficult to beat. Looking for the same range of items in Canada or the US is virtually impossible or would require items to be special ordered. We also tend to avoid buying any major items such as fabric from China because of the uncertainty of the product. The majority of our fabric is produced in Taiwan which is known for producing high quality and "safe" products. We had the exact same concerns when we ultimately decided to manufacture ourselves. We just couldn't be confident we were receiving a good quality product that didn't contain unsafe raw materials.

    Your prices are similar to what I can purchase locally. I thought it would be a lot cheaper if it was made overseas?

    If you compare our jerseys to what is being sold in North America, you would be paying significantly more. Know the right questions to ask and you can see why Avida is the better value:

    1. Can I have any design I want? If I just supply you a picture (like you do with Avida) can you create the team set for me?

      Avida will recreate the jersey for you no problem, no additional charge.
    2. The design of my jersey crosses over the seams, is that even possible to do or is there an extra charge?

      Avida… no problem.
    3. Are there additional charges for helping me clean up artwork, adding names, numbers and logos?

      Avida… no additional charges unless the artwork is complicated to repair or redraw.
    4. Are your jerseys double stitched for toughness and include reinforcements in the elbows or shoulders?

      Avida… standard for us.
    5. What resolution do you print your dye sublimation at?

      Avida… 720dpi – that's the minimum we do because it gives us the best colour and sharpness. Some competitors will print at 360dpi which gives you a fuzzy image which lacks colour saturation and intensity.
    6. I added a new player to my team but my jersey is a few years old, can you reprint for me?

      Avida… no problem and we will give it to you at the team price as long as you are reordering a size we have on file.
    7. Do I have to have a minimum number of sizes? Am I charged extra for custom sized jerseys or for very large jerseys?

      Avida… no, it's all the same price.
    8. Ask these same questions to your supplier and see if they even compare in service or how much it would cost!

    I've never heard of your product before. I don't see it in the stores or available from any distributors.

    Our business model was always to sell direct to the end user and by word of mouth. We also use eBay in order to reach the end user. Why do we do this? To keep costs low and benefit the end user. Adding distributors or retailers are great for visibility, but they need to take their fair share for marketing. Also, with a custom product which isn't sold in volume, it is also very difficult to sell without working with the factory directly. We have a great list of references too. The people that have purchased from us know how good we really are!

    You can also purchase our products online on eBay at http://stores.ebay.com/Avida-Sportswear

    You are located half way around the world. Will it take a long time before I receive the product?

    The world is getting smaller, not bigger. We can have something manufactured and delivered in as little as three days from start to finish! That is the advantage of having your own manufacturing facilities. Our average production time is 2 weeks with another 1 week for delivery. We can deliver faster than most local stores as well. The local stores rarely carry stock that you're totally happy with and they need to order from their distributor which in turn buys it from overseas. Why get caught up in all the traffic and just buy direct? Why compromise on the design you really want when you don't have to?

    Manufactured overseas? Will they even understand my requirements?

    All our front-line staff is native English speaking. They have all been involved in manufacturing for the overseas market so communicating remotely is not a problem.

  • Ordering Guidelines

    You can purchase our products directly by emailing us at sales@avidasportswear.com or online on eBay at http://stores.ebay.com/Avida-Sportswear.

    Below are the steps involved in ordering:

    1. Download the roster worksheet by clicking here or you can go to the Documents menu below. Fill in names (exactly as you want them to appear), numbers, C/A on the front chest, and sizes
    2. Decide on your design. Provide any logos, pictures of what you would like etc… and email them to sales@avidasportswear.com
    3. We will send you an invoice for you total order. We will require a 50% deposit before we begin work on your order and the balance before shipping. Any work on mockups will first require the deposit to be paid. By providing your deposit, this also ensures your place in the queue for production.
    4. Please read the Policies Section in the Info Section of the website. You will be asked to confirm by email, you have read and agree to the terms in the Policies Section. You can download a copy here for easier reading.
    5. Once the mockup is approved, we will provide you with the production time required (usually between 2-6 weeks depending on the time of year.
    6. We will send pictures of the finished items to you. Once we receive final balance, we will send the products to you and provide you with a tracking number.
  • You can download a copy of the Policies here for easier reading.


    We can suggest sizing but ultimately it is your responsibility to double check the sizing will actually fit you. Please be aware we provide services worldwide so a player in Asia would be fitted differently than a player in North America due to physical size or equipment preference. Therefore, we can only suggest a very rough guideline for sizing. The sizes of the actual garment are provided for your reference. Please check FAQ Info on sizing under the Info -> Product Section.

    Roster and Worksheet

    Download the roster worksheet by clicking here or you can go to the Documents menu below. Please fill in the roster worksheet provided to you. We need this in order to ensure the names, numbers and C/A on front of the jerseys is correct. The name should appear exactly as it would on the jersey: periods, spacing, upper/lowercase. In case of any discrepancies, the roster worksheet will be deemed correct.


    Please check your proof for content and colours carefully as this will be deemed correct if there are any discrepancies. We follow the shape and positioning of graphic elements on the mockup supplied as it is a scaled down version of the actual jersey

    Logos and Artwork

    The quality of logos and artwork are ultimately determined by what you supply. We have included specifications on the artwork which yields the best results in the Info section of our website. In cases where you don't have logos and you decide to use logos from our library, Avida assumes no responsibility on the quality of these logos.

    Numbering Standards

    Ice Hockey name and number standards are 3" for names and front numbers, 4" for side numbers, and 12" for back numbers. Exact number sizes, including variations in size for outlined names and numbers, can be found in the Number Standards Document downloadable here or in the Info -> Documents Section.

    Customs and Duties

    Duties and taxes are the responsibility of the customer. We are not responsible for shipping delays. All of our packages are insured for damage or loss. In case an item is damaged or lost, we will proceed with claims on your behalf once the shipping company confirms the package is lost.


    If you require a sample of the product before beginning the production order, you will need to pay for the sample in full and the shipping costs associated. When and if you decide to place the order, you will be credited the difference between the single item price and the discounted team price. Shipping costs are not refunded.

    Sales Commission

    We offer cash commissions or the equivalent in product for a successful order referral.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We currently do not accept credit cards. However, we do accept credit card payments through Paypal. If you are located in Canada, you have the additional option of paying by direct deposit or Interac Email Money Transfer into our TD Canadatrust or HSBC Canada accounts.

    How much do the products cost?

    Our current price list is renewed every year starting August. Therefore 2011 pricing will be in effect from August 2011 until August 2012 when the new price list is released. You can download our current price list by clicking here or going to the Info -> Documents Section. We currently do not have a Distributor or Wholesale Price List as we only sell direct to the End User at this point. Pricing subject to change without notice.

  • How long does an order take to produce?

    Normal production time is 2-3 weeks from the approval of the artwork. However, production times will vary depending on the time of the year. During our peak periods (August to December) production times could be upwards of 6-8 weeks. However, we will inform you of the exact production time required when you place your order.

  • How do you send your orders?

    We send our orders via Hong Kong Post using EMS Service and will provide you with a tracking number. As this is part of the National Post Service, it is affiliated with your local National Post. Therefore, if you are located in Canada, the tracking number is valid using Canada Post, for the United States, it would be USPS.

    You can check out the service agreement and rates at http://www.hongkongpost.com

    How long is the shipping time?

    All of our products are made in our factory in Hong Kong. Depending on where you are in the world, the transit times will vary. To most destinations in North America and Western Europe, it takes roughly 1 – 1.5 weeks via EMS service barring any Customs delays and does not include weekend days.

    How much does it cost to ship a team order?

    It would ultimately depend on the final weight but you can normally expect to pay between $150usd - $175usd. For example, a team order of 15 jerseys and 15 pair of socks will be about $150usd - $175usd. Please note shipping charges are subject to change and Avida will provide you with updated information prior to shipping.

  • How do I know the correct jersey size for me?

    Our actual jersey dimensions are provided for you in the Tools Section under Sizing Charts or in the Products Section under the appropriate Product -> Size Chart.

    Measure a jersey that currently fits you and match it to the size against our chart. Please note, as these garments are hand cut and sewn from multiple components, there may be a variation of up to 1" on the garment. If you are on the big end of a certain size, it is better to move up one size.

    How do I take care of my sublimated garments?

    Sublimated garments retain their colour quite well under normal use. However do not subject them to high wash or drying temperatures as this may cause colours to fade. As some garments are made with Breathable Performance Fabrics, they are also sensitive to snagging and piling caused by items such as velcro (hook side). This is due to the nature of breathable fabrics in general as they require an open structure for breathability and moisture wicking.

    We recommend hand washing or a gentle machine wash cycle using warm or cold water. Use a gentle detergent that does not contain bleach or similar "strong" cleaning agent. Hang to dry.

    What file formats do you accept or are required for best results?

    Vector based file (.ai or .eps) specified in spot or Pantone colours or a raster file at 150dpi resolution at the required dimensions in CMYK

    We can output from virtually any type of file; however, certain types and minimum resolutions are required for best results. The best overall file type is a vector based file drawn natively in an illustration program such as Adobe Illustrator. The colours should be specified as spot Pantone Colours. This allows us to easily convert the file to our specific printing process. These types of files also allow us to resize to any dimension without a loss in quality.

    If a vector file is not available, then a raster or a file made of pixels in CMYK is the next best. These are files commonly used for graphics on the web or created in programs such as Adobe Photoshop. The file format itself does not matter as it can be converted; however, you will require a minimum resolution of 150dpi at the size you intend to print. For example, if you want your logo to print at 4" wide, then the image needs to be 4" wide at 150dpi or 8" wide at 72dpi.

    Please note, raster files limit our ability to convert colours accurately; therefore, in complex drawings, we may only be able to convert some colours accurately. Also, placing a raster file into a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator and saving as a .ai file does not convert it into a vector based file.

  • Document Downloads

    Please click on the Bold heading to download the desired document.

    Roster Worksheet: this document is for listing names, numbers, sizes, and C/A letters for your order.

    Avida Order Policies: this document contains the Terms of Agreement when purchasing a product from Avida

    Number Standards Document: this document contains the standard sizing of our hockey numbers and letters as well as the spacing.

    Current Price List: this is a link to our Current Price List on Facebook.